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Impact and Sustainability


When thousands of people embrace their responsibility to our neighborhoods and our planet, the results can be astounding. At Dine Brands, we recognize our responsibility to drive shareholder value through ethical business practices. As we have grown we've broadened our vision to recognize our role as a force for social good. We find this makes good business sense as it resonates with our team members and guests who, increasingly, are looking more closely at how businesses contribute to society.


We operate under a cultural framework that we call our Vision and Values. Our Vision and Values are the foundation of our relationships with our guests, suppliers, neighborhoods and each other. It is an articulation of our values and behaviors that defines who we are and how we work. We value innovation, collaboration and diversity and we behave with integrity. These core values and beliefs are also how we hold ourselves and each other accountable to the vision of what we want Dine Brands to be.


In short, as a company Dine Brands strives to make a positive impact on society because we believe we have a responsibility to do so. We have seen firsthand that embracing our responsibility to our neighborhoods and to our planet builds value for shareholders, team members, guests, franchisees, and society.

We organize our social responsibility efforts into categories that describe our focus on caring for the environment, supporting our neighborhoods and valuing our team members.